By Omara Garcia

The period of transition between life and death. The extreme suffering. The last phase of life or the first phase of death. Pain and affliction Slow or fast It's not the time. It is the intensity.

The agony of a nation that seems to be living its last days in the middle of a social explosion, protests and repressions. The town on the street. In front of the students, who in the midst of songs, banners, slogans and tear gas, are brutally repressed and imprisoned by officers of the national guard under the orders of a Tyrant Government that suffers from justice. Those who are imprisoned are left at the mercy of a cruel system that hides them from any legal procedure. His whereabouts are unpredictable and his future is clearer death.

Isabel Guzman (21) Student of Social Communication at the Catholic University, strong, reserved, intense and passionate. She is imprisoned along with her brother Enrique Guzman, affectionately known as Kike (20) Engineering student of the same university, young noble, weak, fighter, sentimental, of fragile and melancholic character. Both were victims of a raid that the National Guard carried out to disperse a peaceful protest carried out by a group of students in one of the main thoroughfares of the capital.

The agony of both young people is felt from the beginning to see them sitting on the floor of a cell back to back. The traces of the brutal abuse they have received are more than evident in their faces and bodies. A terrible silence accompanies this start until a group of guards bursts aggressively into the cell to subdue them. Isabel is the victim of a violation. Kike is dominated and forced to witness the agony of his sister, who after resisting with screams and struggles, is submerged in a catatonic state. And from the lost look of Isabel we will begin to see through flashbacks the history of these brothers, their intimate relationship, moments that connect us with their profound fraternal love alternating with shocking images of the protests in the country and the unjustified repressions by National Guard, ending at the time the brothers were arrested in the middle of the protest.

After the rape, Isabel is left on the floor of the cell while they take her brother Kike away from her to what we presume will be ruthless torture. Isabel tries to sit up but the abuse was so great that she collapses submerged in her agony.

With the passing of days the whereabouts of Kike are unknown. Isabel makes desperate attempts to get information through the guard officers who guard her.

The routine visit of some senior officers who come to perform a supervisory round generates the meeting between Isabel and Lieutenant Santos (40). A silent man, strong, firm, imposing and cold.

On this visit, Santos is guided by a high-ranking officer who brags about the procedures of his people in prison. Both enjoy the journey, it is routine for them. But a gesture from Isabel makes Santos connect with her 4-year-old daughter whom we see through flashbacks that emerge from that look. Something moved inside the Lieutenant on that visit. And that leads him to have a different behavior with Isabel. He comes to see her frequently and with the distance that he must keep for his uniform, he begins to protect her covertly to avoid further misfortune and abuse. But without being obvious. Not even with her. The Lieutenant is also under the pressure of the superiors so he handles everything with his left hand.

In a visit Santos manages to investigate about the whereabouts of Kike. Tortured to death and his body was intentionally lost. Telling Isabel is a bitter pill for the Lieutenant who knows what will be for her. Isabel does not react after listening to him and leaves.

Isabel's pain explodes in the middle of a shower. Torn she collapses under the water in an agony deeper and stronger than the one we saw at the scene of her torture. This time the agony is of the soul. Santos by his side learns by accident of the fatal future of Isabel and decides to gamble

The Lieutenant confronts the guards on duty who try to prevent his rescue. Shooting, fallen guards, action and violence accompany Santos in her attempt to reach Isabel's cell and when she does, Isabel is no longer there. Puzzled is captured by some guards who manage to dominate him and the superior officer who accompanied him on the visit at the beginning, is the one who gives him the news that Isabel must be with her brother in a grave or in the purgatory of traitors to the homeland. We are left in the impact of the lieutenant who did not arrive in time to save her and in his imprisonment that promises the same fate of the students for their rebellion.

The agony will be more than evident in this story, visually and emotionally almost intolerable for those who see it, to such an extent that we can experience it in all senses.