Omara Fernanda García

Is a bilingual actress who was born in Venezuela, Margarita in Januaruy 16th 1993. Graduated with a bachelors in Advertising  and Theatre Arts at the University of Miami. As soon as she graduated, she participated and enrolled in different theater plays such as, “Dinner with Friends”, “The Women”, “Staying Alive”, “El Camerino de Chicago”, “Y fueron infelices para siempre”, and “The General’s Daughter”.

Omara also started in “Nereus” the movie as part of the cast with the role of Jennifer.

Her next upcoming proyect that she just finished filming is “Agonía”.


Willy Martin 

Is a Venezuelan actor, host, and published author.  "Guayoyo Express", "Gato Tuerto", "Isa TKM", "Isa  TK+", "La Banda", "Minds in Shock, "Grachi", "Escándalos", "El Caracazo", "Photophobia", "Milagros de Navidad" are some of the successful projects in which Willy Martin has shown his talent and versatility as an actor. As author achieves the publication of his first book "Caja de Herramientas", He is the host and author of WillyPedia, a space in the tv show "Corazones Guerreros" (MegaTV), in which he teaches in each episode a topic of interest for the little ones of the house. "Agonía" is the new short film where he shows his acting skills.


Anthony LoRusso 

Is a venezuelan actor who has taken part in important productions in movies, theatre and television. In TV acting in soap-operas as “Un Esposo Para Estela”, “Amor Secreto”, “Válgame Dios”, 

“Gato Tuerto”, “Mujercitas” and in the teen-series “Así es la Vida”, “Con Toda el Alma” and “Tukiti, Crecí 

de Golpe”. In the theatre he has given life to prominent characters in plays like “Las 1001 Noches”, “Alicia a Través del Espejo”, “La Sirenita”, “El Principito”, “Los Chicos de la Banda”, “Los Justos”, “Cuenta Regresiva”, “Feroz”, “Friendzone” and the broadway musicals “Pippin”, “La Bella y la Bestia”, “Jesuscristo Superestrella”, “Los Productores” and “Cabaret”.


Yul Bürkle 

Is a venezuelan and german actor. Bürkle starred on more than twenty tv shows all over Latin American and the USA. He is known for his roles in "Alguien te Mira", "Los Secretos de Lucia", "Natalia del Mar", "Silvana Sin Lana" "Alma Indomable", "Acorralada", "Candela", "El amor No Tiene Precio", "Aunque Mal Paguen", "Alma Indomable" and "Vikki RPM".


Dad Dager 

Is a venezuelan actress, with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture. She is  known for a successfully career in the hispanic market of the USA, and also in Latinoamérica for her roles at "Libres Como El Viento", "Isa TKM", "Camaleone", "Amantes", and the movies "San Martin de Porras" and "Cien Años de Perdon" . Dager latest works have been at Telemundo Network on "Sangre de mi Tierra", "La Fan", "Tierra de Reyes" and "Relaciones Peligrosas".


Javier Valcárcel 

Is a Cuban actor who made his debut in 1990 at the play "Las Criadas" by Jean Genet in Caracas, Venezuela. In 1992 participates in "Divina Obsesión", opening the way for telenovelas. After his debut on TV participates in 20 soap operas like:  “Santa Diabal” “Silvana sin Lana” “Bit of heaven", “Anyone Cruz”,  "The forgiveness of sins". Followed by "Sin of Love", "Target Women", "All Woman" and "Little Women."   Some of his plays are: "Box office for unspoken words", "The girl blue jeans" and "The Pelikano" “Boys in the Band” and “Jav & Jos”.



Cesar Roman

Born in Caracas - Venezuela on December 20th, 1979. Son of the filmmaker Cesar Bolívar and the writer Pilar Romero. More than thirty years of career as an actor, host, singer, composer, writer and director of film, theater and television. His professional training is shared between the School of Arts of the Central University of Venezuela and the professional training system of the National Youth Theater of Venezuela. The short film "Agonía" is his debut as a Film Director.

Executive Producer

Luis Luyando

Bachelor in Finances with an MBA from Georgetown University, with 10 years of experience as Executive Vice President of PUMA TV, and more than 15 years of experience as manager of several recognized talents in the entertainment industry in the US Hispanic market and Latin America, consolidate it as a career manager and star creator.

General Producer

Guillermo Londoño

Actor/Producer. Major in Performing Arts, Drama and Theater. Performed in 25 movies and numerous short films. Functioned as Casting Director. Granted several international awards. 

Recognized in Radio, TV and Theater. Cofounder of the Miami Film Community.

1st Assistant Director

Priscila Rojas 

Is a filmmaker from Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a bachelor’s degree in media communications and earned her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Film Production at Full Sail University. Priscilla worked and produced over 16 short films during 2015-2018. Right now, Priscilla is directing and producing two TV shows "La hora del Brunch" a live magazine, and "Destino en la Mira", a show about tourism and gastronomy. Thanks to the reception of the audience and ratings, la hora del brunch was selected as official press to cover the Cannes Film Festival 2017. On the other hand, her passion for the entertainment world has led her to be one of the founders of a film festival in Miami about horror, sci-fi and suspense short films entitled "Miami FearFest."


Linda Rojas

Is a Journalist from Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Communications. Linda is a visionary person with an incisive taste in business and a great passion for doing what she loves with persistence and determination in the entertainment industry with Press, TV and Film projects. With a Master’s Degree in Business Administration along with an upcoming career in Journalism she decided to be one of the founders of a film festival in Miami about horror, science fiction and suspense short films entitled "Miami FearFest."

Director of Photography

Juan Carlos Castillo

He has recognized experience as director and director of photography in different types of audiovisual projects. In his career he has the participation as director of photography of feature films such as: Secuestro Xpress, Solo en Casa and the full-length documentary: Los Barcos de la esperanza; with which he was awarded the Best Director of Photography feature film 35mm in the festival: Cinemafest of San Juan de Puerto Rico along with other awards. In the last two years he has received awards including a Latin Grammy nomination for a promotional video of the CAFE TACUVA band tour, a Cannes Lions award for a promotional commercial for the LIFETIME TV network and three PROMAXBDA awards .

Casting Director

Maria Fernanda de Garcia

Born on July 4, 1966, she was the actress of several films by famed director César Bolivar, such as Comando, Muchacho Solitario and Reflejos. He also stood out in the theater and in soap operas. She was the general director of the television channel Telecaribe, and has been the producer of several theatrical shows and the creator of the musical show La Hija del General. She opens as casting director in the short film Agonía.

Art Director

Ora Urdaneta 

Is a Venezuelan Art Director, settled in Miami. Her major work experience was covering Music Videos, TV Commercials & Live Shows. Up until recently, she grows her craft in the filmmaking industry collaborating in the production of short films with the Miami Film Community. She is passionate for design in all aspects, from interior design to fashion.

Special FX Makeup Artist

Angela Fischer

Her passionate character is her stamp and her talent for art was revealed at an early age while she was studying theater believing that she had a vocation to be an actress, there she acquired makeup knowledge of characterization, costumes, set design, lighting and wigs and thus she discovered that her true talent was behind the scenes. Always trusting in training as a tool for growth, continued its development with the best references of their country and abroad and built a solid career as a professional make-up artist and later as a teacher at the prestigious ACP beauty school (High Professional Training), one of the most important in Argentina.

Graphic Design

Amaranta Martinez

She is known in the world of design and art direction as The Superama. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, and trained at the Design Institute of Caracas, she has excelled in different areas in the world of art and television. She is an illustrator, muralist and art director. She has worked for more than 10 years for Nickelodeon Latin America, developed a clothing line with the German designer Lin Beeser, with whom she made two collections, which caused a rage among celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Steve Aoki.


Julio Cesar Bolivar

In 1988 began his filmmaking career gaining experience working alongside his father in various filmmaking capacities such as sound, production, editing and directing. In 1999 he directed "El Sicariato" and "Ruta Mortal" for television and in 2001 he traveled to the United States in hopes of furthering his career. He wrote and directed three short films: "Have you ever thought about it", "Beyond The Line" and "The Crazyness". In 2009, he created his most recognizable piece of work, the feature film "Son de la Calle". Since then Julio has directed and editing various music videos, television series and movies including his fathers film "Muerte en alto Contraste", winning the prize for best editing in the Merida, Venezuela film festival.

Music Composer

Omar García

Also known as ØMG; is a 22 year-old  Venezuelan artist / songwriter / producer based in Miami, FL. At age 12 he was a self taught musician; however, after high school he decided to study abroad in order to become a professional audio engineer and producer. His style of music is very wide; from latin roots, his genres go from pop, hip hop, trap, reggaeton, dancehall, indie, and many more.